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What others are saying...

Here are some quotes taken from various letters of reference I have earned through years of working with different editors, publishers, producers, program directors, managers and non-profit organizations.

"John Geary has been managing a key MKT Communications social media account since August, 2015. I worked as his supervisor for one year in my role as the company’s content and social media manager. He is a capable, results-oriented professional who would be an asset to any company requiring creative and consistent content for social media platforms. I would recommend him whole-heartedly for any such position."

                - Susan Mate, supervisor at MKT (October 2016)

"John Geary has been managing the social media accounts for Nordika Business Solutions since June, 2015. He does an excellent of aggregating and creating content for the company’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. He would be an asset to any company requiring creative and consistent content for social media platforms."

              - Ann Kidston, owner/manager, Nordika Business Solutions (October 2016)

"During my time as editor of Canadian Wildlife magazine, I appreciated John's travel writing and expertise. He knew what our readers were interested in, and provided well-written, engaging material on time and with a minimum of fuss--John is easy to work with, pleasant and reliable, both very important traits in a freelancer. His work captures the Canadian wilderness in words on through photographs to bring vivid tales of wildlife and our precious environment to those of us who are not so adventurous."

                   - Nancy Payne, editor, Canada's History Society (May 2014)

"As editor of Parrots magazine, I had the pleasure of publishing a number of articles which John had written and for which he had submitted photographs. His work was always of a high standard - creative and delivered on time. I hope to work again with John when I take over the editorship of a new magazine on parrots." 

- Gilly Lloyd, former editor, Parrots magazine (March 2009)

"John delivers solid content on time every time. He gets what I need from sources and packages that information skillfully." 

- Erica Hartmann, editor, ATA World (March 2009)

"John produces excellent work with a minimum of fuss. He is always on time and on target, stays in communication, and is one of the most reliable writers I have ever worked with. He has proven himself again and again, tackling larger and more complex projects over the years, always with the same professionalism, enthusiasm and competence." 

- Jennifer Lawler, former editor, ATA World (March 2009)

"I really enjoyed having (John) write for us. (He) always put in an honest, credible effort and has a good way of telling stories so that they make sense."

- Richard Bronstein, editor, Business in Calgary magazine (April 2003)

"John was, is and continues to be an extremely talented and versatile journalist. He possesses a wealth of writing and editing experience and produces words and photographs that jump off the pages."

- Joe Pavlin, Managing Editor, Prime Time Publishing (Feb. 2000)

"John ... is always working to endure the Friends' best interests are served, be it the selection or creation of articles for our newsletter, or in the writing of articles about the Friends for other publications ...His professional approach to his work makes him a joy to work with."

- Sherri Labour, Chairperson, Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park Society (Dec. 2002)

"John ... is a conscientious worker and consistently meets all of his deadlines for the publication of our monthly newsletter."

- Michael Campbell, President (acting) Calgary Parrot Club (Dec. 2002)

"I can honestly say that in 27 years in this business, I have never seen anyone produce the volume of material John has - and with a minimum of supervision."

- Bruce Lantz, Publisher, Alaska Highway News (Feb. 1998)

"I would heartily endorse John as a first class reporter, writer and photographer. His in-depth knowledge ... means we do not waste valuable time explaining our requirements and wishes. In order to better write about our activities, he has often participated in them to get an insider's look at the sports."

                   - Grant Spelsberg, Sub Zero Running Club Publicity Director (April 1998)

"John approaches his job with a dedication to accuracy and a zeal for artistry rarely seen these days. He's willing to put in the time necessary to meet the requirements and deadlines of any task assigned to him, and does so in a highly efficient and professional manner."

- Scott Crowson, Managing Editor, Prince Rupert Daily News (Jan. 1992)

"John is an honest, hard-working employee who takes his profession seriously. He will often go beyond the limits of a normal working day to get the job done. "

- Phyllis Sheppard, General Manager, CFOK Radio (Sept. 1988)

"I can tell you John has always been eager and willing to do work, regardless of the circumstances. When he does cover an event, he always comes back with a good quality, interesting story for use on air."

            - Grant Dunham, Information Morning producer, CBC Fredericton (Feb. 1984)

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